Contactless Payment

Contactless payments are a fast, secure and convenient way for consumers to pay for small value transactions. It is quick, secure and easy to use method of payment for Low value items and it does not require a PIN or signature and thereby decrease the time a customer spends completing their transaction. Contactless payment applications are attractive and convenient in a variety of market segments – from retail establishments, newsstands, tollgates and taxis to mass transit, parking and vending machines – where quick response is essential.

Euronet has created and tested our Contactless Solution and we have established ourselves within the market. As a proven leader in payment solutions, Euronet Pakistan provides the capability to be a differentiator through leveraging contactless technology and product strategy so financial services organizations can meet the opportunities of the retail payment market. Euronet Pakistan’s Contactless Solution you can increase transaction volumes by capturing transactions typically made using cash as well as differentiate your organization with a new and innovative way to pay which will also enhance loyalty and customer retention.

Our solution supports both contactless magnetic stripe dynamic card verification and contactless EMV chip technology. In addition, our software can be used with contactless payments at either a contact reader or a contactless reader. Supporting contactless smartcard functionality, our reloadable prepaid solution can be implemented to top-up contactless cards at the ATM for a variety of cards such as transport card, gift card, mall card and travel card.