ATM & CDM Driving

Achieve Greater Efficiencies While Maintaining Technological Relevance

The Self Service landscape is changing today for virtually every bank. What was once a single value proposition - providing cash to consumers - has evolved into much more. Financial institutions increasingly have the opportunity to introduce innovative functionality and revenue-generating services via the ATM/CDM/Kiosk channels. In order to do this successfully, however, they need to evaluate their current Self Service programs and improve their ability to differentiate their business while creating new opportunities.

Is your ATM fleet plagued by availability and performance issues? Euronet has the solution to help you counter all such issues.

Intensified economic and business forces have placed extraordinary pressure on banks to remain competitive, increase customer loyalty, and improve the efficiency and profitability of all of their alternate delivery channels.

With hundreds of thousands of terminals in service worldwide, financial institutions recognize that the self-service terminal or ATM/CDM/Kiosk is a key customer touch point, and has now attached increased value to it beyond simple cash dispensing. The moment these self-service terminals go down or fail to provide the service customers expect, your business and brand image suffers.

Euronet Pakistan offers a turnkey solution for the management and operational support of your ATM, CDM & Kiosk network, ensuring that your machines are up and running when your customers need them. Our accurate insights about the global payment market place come from our global experience in the complete payment’s value chain, enabling us to develop and offer innovative and conveniently comprehensive solutions to our customers, giving them an opportunity to leverage more value from every single transaction.

Euronet can help turn a financial institution’s self-service terminals from a basic machine into a multitasking high performer that can display your brand, cross-sell your products and better support your customers’ overall banking needs.

Euronet Pakistan helps you improve the profitability of your ATM network by extending beyond their core capabilities with newer services like Dynamic Currency Conversion, handling complex payments such as cardless dispense whereas at the same time reducing the cost of ATM network maintenance and maximizing availability with proactive 24 x 7 monitoring.

Rely on our technical expertise to help you analyze your options. We will provide an insight on communication technologies and hardware requirements, screen dynamics - and the effect of new product offerings. We will be there every step of the way, drawing on our experience of providing proven ATM, CDM & Kiosk driving solutions to hundreds of financial institutions. Our highly parameterized and configurable systems provide the flexibility to respond to change rapidly. As your business expands, we provide the high availability required to ensure your customers get the level of service they expect.

Extensive range of terminal based transaction services with 99.9% availability ensuring that your customers can rely on consistent account access and you can count on greater back-office efficiency with access to a web-based portal for day-to-day ATM management.

With Euronet’s continued commitment to new product development you will never have to chase technology and you will become a trendsetter. Euronet supports all major terminal models and the latest software versions of leading terminal manufacturers with support of multiple transaction options with the flexibility to add optional features like deposit automation, cheque processing etc.