ATM Management

The modernization of banking has led to customers growing to depend on ATMs to withdraw cash, view their balance, or transfer funds. Euronet offers the flexibility and diversity within the banking industry. We have the high end technical solutions to allow the communication between all major ATM devices, Core Banking systems and other vendors. This diversity within the industry means that our ATM Management System solution is superior to many of our competitors and allows us to handle the management of your ATMs. Our solution enables you to control and service your entire ATM network in real-time, across a diverse range of hardware and software combinations.

Euronet has a high spec Integrated Transaction Management® (ITM) engine which allows your ATMs to be connected to a service that provides specific message protocol translation, device status monitoring, the flexibility of ATM screens and receipts editing, and settlement balancing reporting. Euronet’s ATM Management System allows your team to perform the following tasks:

 ATM device driving.

 Transaction acquiring and routing.

 ATM network control and monitoring.

 Availability statistics reporting.

 Daily trial balance and deposit reporting.

 Value-added services.

Security Brings Peace of Mind

Euronet’s ATM Management System uses the most recent industry-standard hardware encryption from our market-leading cryptography partner, Thales, and software security technologies, such as Triple-DES and EMV chip cards, to ensure absolute privacy of your customer’s information and transaction processing. The transaction security options available help protect you and your customers from fraud by supporting such functions as PIN encryption, PIN verification, CVV/CVC, PVC/PVV support and PAN transaction.

Generating New Revenue with Value-Added Transactions.

Euronet’s ATM Management System enables you to have the leverage within revenue streams such as onscreen and coupon advertising, stamp and ticket sales, and electronic bill pay, including mobile airtime replenishment. As a result, you can generate revenue with the sale of screen and receipt marketing space. All of these provide service charge and advertising revenues to you..