ATM & Debit Card Issuing Solution

Euronet’s Integrated ATM and Debit Card Solution is a leading global transaction processing software which has provided online card authorization and settlement processing for hundreds of customers since 1976. Here at Euronet we use, our customer’s preferred networks or gateways and our solution allows transaction flow through the various card associations, such as Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay. As a result, our solution enables your organization to quickly and easily deploy card management, customer assistance, online transaction authorization as well as offline posting, hold processing, settlement processing, charge backs and re-presentments.

Implementing our solution empowers your organization with a flexible customer service tool that makes your customer service calls quicker and lowers your call center volume. Your own customer service representatives can investigate cardholders and transactions with minimal customer information and without requiring the representative to move between applications for information.

The client management feature of our ATM and Debit Card Issuing Solution provides a comprehensive point-and-click database for storing and maintaining cardholder information and transaction history. Our solution allows your team to set the parameters for ATM and debit card groups controlling activities such as daily usage limits for amounts and times as well as invalid PIN entries. Customer service assistants can help customers quicker this way because the most pertinent cardholder information is visible on a single summary screen.