EMV Chip Solutions

The risks and adverse consequences of global fraud are the leading factors in moving the market toward EMV chip solutions. Euronet can help you implement an EMV Chip Solution that boasts superior security with triple protection against fraud for issuing, acquiring and managing chip cards. With Euronet’s solution you will significantly minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions and other deceitful security-breach activities, reduce your risk of liability, and provide greater convenience and ease of use for your customers..

Designed with our powerful and flexible Integrated Transaction Management (ITM) transaction-processing suite, our EMV Chip Solutions provide triple protection against fraud. The solution features the built-in security of chip technology, compliance with EMV industry standards and our payments hub architecture which provides an added layer of security.

Triple Protection for Unmatched Security

Superior Performance of Chip Technology – EMV chip-based payment cards contain an embedded microprocessor that manages multiple applications, in addition to storing, processing and protecting data such as cardholder identity, account information and more. The security features of chip technology include encrypting personal data, locking access to data until the consumer authorizes access or the device reader authenticates itself to the chip, and encrypting communication between the reader and the chip. These features provide immunity to threats from skimming and eavesdropping and prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

Industry Global Security Standards – EMV Integrated Circuit Card Specifications are global standards for authenticating credit and debit chip card transactions at chip-enabled devices including point-of-sale (POS) terminals and automated teller machines (ATMs). These standards also extend to new types of payment devices including contactless and mobile. Currently owned by American Express, JCB, MasterCard and Visa, EMVCo manages, maintains and enhances EMV specifications with the main goal of facilitating an interoperable framework for secure chip technology. Euronet’s EMV Chip Solutions perform regular security checks as required by industry standards in processing chip card transactions to ensure that it meets all specifications set forth by EMVCo.

Euronet’s Added Layer of Security Services – Euronet views the ability to protect against fraud as a multi-pronged approach. Our methodology considers not only technological advances and industry standards, but also the service functionalities built within our solutions. The services available within our payments hub architecture are bundled within an access and authority security layer. This layer provides application-level authentication, authority and security management, providing you with the confidence to ensure transactions are highly protected.