Telephone Banking

Banking by telephone remains a crucial channel and is a major consideration for financial services organizations wishing to provide additional convenience to their customers by reducing costly branch visits and call center traffic. Customers no longer perceive interactive voice response (IVR) as an extra feature but as an expected aspect of their banking service. In today’s extremely competitive market, consumers are asking for more of a convenience, personalized and proven commitment to customer service.

Euronet’s Telephone Banking Solution delivers the promise of any time, any place access to account information and transaction processing using any touchtone telephone. Our solution greets your customer’s call with a locally tailored voice, prompts the caller by describing available services, and then provides the requested information.

As a result, your customers are able to access the convenience of self-service, any time and place, which will decrease the amount of time your employees spend answering routine customer questions. If a customer does require personal assistance while using the IVR service or call center, the call can quickly be transferred to a customer service representative.