The difference

Euronet Pakistan, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide brings with it the experience of the world’s largest global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies. Euronet Pakistan is poised to offer the best blend of technology and outsourcing services to all Pakistani banks from its state of the art facility in Karachi, Pakistan.  Backed by the very best talent in the local industry we provide an unmatched flexibility, scalability and SLA-based services.

Pay as you grow | Bank can pay for the card & ATM volumes as they grow 
No hidden charges | Predictable monthly recurring costs. Fixed costs with 10, 7 & 5 year contract options

Lower Future Growth Costs | Euronet has already invested into the infrastructure and will continue investing for further growth for all of its customers. No hardware, software procurement will be required at any point in time for services being rendered thru Euronet

Minimal Risk & Time/Cost Advantage | Euronet is already connected with VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, 1LINK, MNET. This ensures that Euronet Pakistan can quickly deliver the entire project

Guaranteed Uptime | Euronet ensures that guaranteed service levels are maintained and Euronet backs this guarantee with a rebate policy, this means we pay back if we don’t meet the service levels 

Fully Compliant & Secure Infrastructure | The application in use by Euronet Pakistan is developed in house by its software development wing in the US (Euronet Software Solutions) and was the first PA DSS compliant application to be deployed in Pakistan. Euronet Pakistan also continuously strives to be PCI DSS compliant, it was the first entity to achieve PCI DSS compliance in 2011 in Pakistan.Currently, Euronet Pakistan is PCI DSS version v3.1 certified entity with PA DSS application and PCI PTS infrastructure.

Proven reliability and scalability | Our systems are in use by top banks worldwide to drive their diversified electronic banking channels. Euronet’s Core ITM processing system is capable of processing in excess of 12,000 transactions per second

Business Continuity | Euronet Infrastructure is hosted at IBM BCRS Karachi and its DR site is hosted at IBM BCRS Islamabad with real time replication ensuring complete business continuity

Blend of local and global expertise | Euronet Pakistan comprises of experienced individuals from the local industry and is backed by the expertise of its affiliates across the globe and its development centres and EFT processing centres in the USA, Greece, Budapest, China, Serbia and India.

Trendsetters | Euronet Pakistan has the distinction of being the trendsetter in the local market when it comes to PCI DSS, PA DSS, PCI PTS, EMV Issuance, VMT Issuance, Dynamic Currency Conversion and many more


  • First VISA EMV Debit Card Launched in 2011
  • First MasterCard Third Party Processor in the country
  • First PCI DSS 1.2 Certified Centre in Pakistan in 2011
  • First PCI DSS 2.0 Certified Centre in Pakistan in 2012
  • First entity to launch VISA Money Transfer Service in 2012
  • First entity to go live with UnionPay (CUP) POS/Merchant Acquiring Services in the country
  • First entity launching MasterCard EMV Debit Card in 2013
  • First Ecommerce Acquirer facilitator for Visa and MasterCard in 2014
  • First Ecommerce Acquirer facilitator for UPI in 2016
  • One of the largest POS acquirer with the 48% transaction share in the market
  • PCI-PTS certified in 2016